Our approach

Each one of our trips will have a bespoke coaching program designed to maximise your on court experience as well as leave plenty of time for you to explore or relax in your fantastic surroundings. The Ace Tennis Travel team is passionate, dedicated and committed to improving everyones tennis during their holiday in a really fun and social setting.  Improve your game and enjoy our diverse coaching program. 

The coaching program

This is based around four major areas that we encourage and develop:

  1. Technical skills
    Playing the key shots of the game - both attacking and defensive -  in a variety of situations 
  2. Mental strength
    Tennis is an individual sport with challenging match situations that require mental skills such as problem solving, staying positive and  remaining focused.
  3. Tactical knowledge   
    How to select the right approach to each individual situation on court. Recognising various playing styles of the opponents, the court and conditions.
  4. Physical conditioning
    Making sure the physical ability of the player is appropriate to the level at which they play.

The importance of game play

The above points are incorporated into ‘Game based coaching’, meaning everything is linked back to match situations. The Ace Tennis Travel way is to evolve the way we play not revolutionise.  

We make sure everyday you get the opportunity to mix with your friends and enjoy social games of doubles or singles, where you can put your new skills to the test under the watchful eye of our team.

Everybody receives daily feedback on their progress and finer points can discussed at dinner!

Working with different abilities

All guests are informally evaluated upon arrival to get to know their ability. The coaches have many years’ coaching experience to ensure that everybody is learning and being challenged. Guests who progress quickly will be given the chance to experience new challenges.

Individual attention and extra tuition

With a coach to guest ratio of 1:6, each player will get plenty of attention. If you would like to further enhance your game our team is available throughout your stay for individual lessons in addition to the planned program.

Quality of our coaching staff

The coaching team is hand selected to provide the best possible tennis travel experience, within the team is specialised coaches to provide the required expertise and attention to each individual's needs.  If you are a beginner or a player competing at a high level the coaching team will have the skills needed to improve your game throughout your stay. We are here to provide you with the best tennis experience while you are our guest.

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Superb venues

Enjoy the best facilities and locations.

“Chris is one of the good guys. A charming and fun individual but even better he is a fabulous coach, getting the best out of any group or player he is presented with. I recommend highly.”

Sue Grindle - UK (2018)
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“Ace Tennis Travel is all about the tennis. The coaching is of an exceptionally high standard. Players of all standards are seamlessly knitted together in drills to suit all standards of play. The added bonus of the ATP event was the icing on the cake.”

Ali Besterman - UK (2017)
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“What a fantastic and engaging week. My tennis has blossomed under the stewardship of your wonderful team. It was inspiring to watch the top players of our generation and and to attempt to mimic their mastery back at base.”

Robin Bevan - UK (2017)
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